Benefits of Attending Virtually

Benefits of Attending Virtually

Industry Benefits of Attending IPVC 2020

  • Promotes cutting-edge scientific research
  • Offers an unique opportunity to exchange ideas with renowned professionals from around the world
  • Provides an ideal networking forum
  • Offers unique exposure to worldwide markets


Why Go Virtual?


Longer Exposure

Visibility and interaction during the live event plus three months following the event with on-demand content. Receive exposure for months beyond the dates of this Virtual Conference.

Expanded Market

Going virtual opens the door for a larger audience globally, as attendees no longer need to travel to an onsite location.

No Travel

Across the Conference from the comfort of your office or home, on your own time – and save money by avoiding travel expenses.

Customer Leads

Easily capture customer leads with interactive polls as well as interacting with attendees on session or virtual booth.


Put your brand and company name directly in front of attendees.

Keep Science

Allow science to progress and education to continue, no matter the external circumstances.

Do you think it’s about time you go virtual?