Grants and Awards

Grants and Awards

A number of grants and awards will be offered to early career researchers presenting an abstract at IPVC 2020. Early career researchers are those who are currently graduate students or those who completed their clinical training or PhD 10 years ago or less. Abstract submitters should indicate their eligibility for these awards at the time of the abstract submission process. No special application is required. Those selected for and accepting a grant must be active members of IPVS.

Due to donor conditions, some of the available grants are open to early career researchers from any low- and middle-income country and some are specifically for applicants from Africa, the Indo-Pacific region or to indigenous Australians. You will be asked in the abstract submission process to indicate your eligibility for these grants.

Deadline to submit an abstract to apply for a grant: Tuesday, October 1, 2019.

Participation Grant Recipients 2020

International Papillomavirus Society Participation Grant

  • Cindrilla Chumduri, Germany
  • Li Zhang, China

International Papillomavirus Society Participation Support

  • Robine Donken, Canada
  • Rui Gil da Costa, Brazil
  • Brandon Lam, United States
  • Dorothy Machalek, Australia
  • Isao Murakami, Japan
  • Hella Pasmans, Netherlands
  • Maisa Pinheiro, United States
  • Mark Polizzotto, Australia
  • Vanessa Porter, Canada
  • Darcy Rao, United States

IPVC 2018 - Local Organizing Committee Participation Grant

The organizing committee for the IPVC2018 meeting in Sydney has also contributed scholarship funds to support delegates from low and lower-middle income countries attending IPVC 2020. A minimum of two awards were given to delegates from the Indo-Pacific (including India), one award was offered to an Australian Indigenous delegate, and up to two awards were given to delegates from Africa. 

  • Lerato Makhale, South Africa
  • Gad Murenzi, Rwanda
  • Aamod Shrestha, Nepal
  • Nyi Nyi Soe, Myanmar
  • Muluken Gizaw Turago, Ethiopia
  • Huifang Xu, China

IPVC 2017 - Local Organizing Committee Participation Grant

  • Wendy Dhlomo, South Africa
  • Alltalents Tutsirayi Murahwa, South Africa
  • Anne Njoroge, Kenya
  • Keletso  Phohlo, South Africa
  • Ongeziwe Taku, South Africa

Several delegates’ participation at IPVC 2020 Conference is supported by industry. To view industry-supported travel grant recipients, please visit this page.