Session Q&A Chats

Session Q&A Chats

Many Conference Sessions have dedicated chatrooms in the “Discussion Groups” area of the IPVC networking lounge. You can join these chats at any time but we recommend you visit those you are most interested in, right after the respective session’s scheduled time.

Please find a compiled list of the Session Chats and their recommended times (all stated times are given in CEST/UTC+2) below:

All the below times are given in CEST/UTC+2

Basic Science Workshop 1: HPV Viral Entry, Replication and Trafficking: 10:25
Basic Science Workshop 2: HPV Genera and Associated Diseases: 12:35
Basic Science Workshop 3: New Technologies: 14:55

Clinical Science Workshop 1: Cervix: Screening and Management: 10:45
Clinical Science Workshop 2: Screening and Management in Non-cervical Disease: 12:25
Clinical Science Workshop 3: Communication Skills: 14:55

Public Health Workshop 1: HPV Vaccine: 10:05
Public Health Workshop 2: Screening / Treatment: 12:25
Public Health Workshop 3: Communications Issues in Optimizing HPV Prevention Strategies: 14:55

Interdisciplinary Workshop 1: Virus: 10:45
Interdisciplinary Workshop 2: Burden of Disease: 12:25
Interdisciplinary Workshop 3: Detection and Screening: 14:55
Interdisciplinary Workshop 4: Vaccination: 16:55

All the below times are given in CEST/UTC+2

Basic Science Oral Session 1: Virus and Host Interactions: 14:45
Basic Science Oral Session 2: Transformation and Carcinogenesis: 15:50

Clinical Science Oral Session 1: Methylation Potential Use for Clinical Practice: 14:45
Clinical Science Oral Session 2: Cervical/Anal Screening and Management: 15:50

Public Health Oral Session 1: MODELLING I. Modelling and economic analyses for cervical cancer elimination: 14:45
Public Health Oral Session 2: VACCINATION I. Impact and effectiveness: 16:00

Plenary – IPVC Opening Plenary Session 20:00

All the below times are given in CEST/UTC+2

Dedicated Symposium Head and Neck Workshop: 10:00

Basic Science Oral Session 3: Adaptative and Non-adaptative Immunology: 08:35
Basic Science Oral Session 4: Vaccines and New Treatment Approaches: 10:15

Clinical Science Oral Session 3: Clinical Aspects of Cervical Prevention and Treatment: 08:35
Clinical Science Oral Session 4: Triage Approaches for HPV-Positive Women: 10:00
Clinical Science Oral Session 5: Vaccines and Screening in HPV-related disease: 12:50
Clinical Science Oral Session 6: Progression, Prognostic factors and Treatment in HPV-related disease: 14:40

Public Health Oral Session 3: SCREENING I. Artificial intelligence approaches in cervical cancer screening: 08:35
Public Health Oral Session 4: SCREENING II. Evaluation and impact of cervical cancer screening: 09:45
Public Health Oral Session 5: VACCINATION II. Implementation, dissemination, and communication: 10:10
Public Health Oral Session 6: SCREENING III. Implementation, dissemination, and communication : 13:15
Public Health Oral Session 7: VACCINATION III. Implementation, dissemination, and communication: 13:00
Public Health Oral Session 8: SCREENING IV. Implementation, dissemination, and communication : 14:55

All the below times are given in CEST/UTC+2

Public Health Indigenous Peoples And HPV: Moving the Agenda Forward: 08:30

Dedicated Symposium HPV testing in low- and middle income countries: 11:45


Basic Science Oral Session 5: Other Anatomical Sites and Diseases: 08:30
Basic Science Oral Session 6: Animal and In Vitro Models: 10:00

Clinical Science Oral Session 7: Oropharyngeal Cancer – Biomarkers for Diagnosis and Prognosis: 08:10
Clinical Science Oral Session 8: Screening and Management Cervix Lesions: 09:20
Clinical Science Oral Session 9: Biomarkers Cervix and Other Sites: 13:45

Public Health Oral Session 9: VACCINATION IV. Strategies and schedules: 08:20
Public Health Oral Session 10: HIV. Natural history and prevention in HIV-infected People: 08:30
Public Health Oral Session 11: MODELLING II. Modelling and economic analyses for cervical cancer elimination: 09:55
Public Health Oral Session 12: EPIDEMIOLOGY I. Natural history and risk factors: 09:55
Public Health Oral Session 13: SCREENING V. Evaluation and Impact of cervical cancer screening: 14:20
Public Health Oral Session 14: SCREENING VI. Evaluation and Impact of cervical cancer screening: 14:20

All the below times are given in CEST/UTC+2

Plenary – IPVC Plenary Session 4: 12:05

Dedicated Symposium Elimination: 10:05
Dedicated Symposium Global Supply, Demand, and Pricing for HPV Vaccines and HPV Testing: 15:20
Dedicated Symposium Eliminating HPV-Caused Cancers and Diseases in Europe: A new campaign by the European Cancer Organisation: 15:55

Basic Science Oral Session 7: Host Genomics and Viral Gene Regulation: 13:40

Clinical Science Oral Session 10: Vaccines Clinical Aspects: 14:05
Clinical Science Oral Session 11: Self Sampling: 17:00

Public Health Oral Session 15: VACCINATION V. Impact and effectiveness: 10:00
Public Health Oral Session 16: EPIDEMIOLOGY II. Burden, natural history and risk factors : 13:50
Public Health Oral Session 17: HEAD & NECK CANCERS. Epidemiology, natural history and prevention: 15:15
Public Health Oral Session 18: VACCINATION AND SCREENING. Impact of HPV vaccination on cervical cancer screening: 17:40